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InformationBuy Petacc elevated bowl dog cat bowls pet feeder with bamboo stand for your pet to enjoy eating...
Petacc Ceramic Pet Bowl with 2 Pet Bowls and 1 Wooden Holder
InformationThese Petacc pet bowls come with a wooden holder which helps your pet eat or drink more conveniently.FeaturesMaterial:...
Petacc Dog Bowl Cat Food Feeder, Combined with Bamboo Stand and 2 Ceramic Bowls
InformationBuy Petacc elevated bowl with bamboo stand for your pet to enjoy eating more happily!FeaturesMaterial: bamboo & ceramicSize(about): length 12.2''/31cm;...
Petacc Elevated Pet Bowl, Ceramic Bowls
Color: as picture shownPackage list: pet bowl
InformationAdvantages of Petacc Raised Pet Bowl:❤ Non-toxic & Odorless❤ Break-resistant & Anti-corrosion❤ Can use 2 bowls or 3...
Petacc Ceramic Pet Bowl
信息这些Petacc宠物碗配有木制支架,可以帮助您的宠物更方便地进食或饮水。特点材质:陶瓷和木材尺寸(约):长度20.1''/ 51cm; 宽6.9''/ 17.5cm; 身高4.7英寸/ 12厘米; 碗直径5.1''/ 13cm; 碗深1.8''/ 4.5cm 重量(约):74.1oz / 2100g 颜色:如图所示包装清单:3 *宠物碗; 1 *持卡人注意事项 *由于显示器颜色设置的原因,实际颜色可能与在线图像略有不同。*请允许数据略有测量偏差。...
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