Why Do Pets Need A Water Fountain?

Do you worry that your pets don't have fresh water to drink? Cats, in particular, are partial to running, filtered water. Rather than a boring old water bowl, a water fountain can give your pets clean water so that the nasties (and floaties) are filtered out.

So, why do you need to give your pets filtered water from a water fountain?

1. Provides fresh and clean water – Many pet fountains such as the Petacc Pet Fountain include six charcoal filters to remove impurities from the water for a pure water source. The filters are long-lasting and replaceable, so you can continue giving your pet clean water. This is especially important for cats who suffer from kidney problems.
2. Simple and hassle-free maintenance – Instead of refilling the water bowl several times a day, water fountains have a reservoir either underneath or behind the main bowl, so all you need to do is make sure the reservoir has enough water to flow into the water bowl from time to time.

3. Prevents whisker stress for cats – Whisker stress is a common irritation for cats. Since whiskers are sensors, they’re sensitive and can be easily irritated. If your kitty has a water bowl that’s too deep, the water can irritate the whiskers and prevent your pet from hydrating themselves properly. Most water fountains have a shallow bowl, so your cat will have a more comfortable sip from their bowl.
4. Great for pet parents with multiple furbabies – If you have more than one pet, you'll know that dog slobber can deter a cat from drinking from the same fountain, and that means multiple water bowls around the house. A charcoal-filtered fountain eliminates the yukkies to give your pets a more pleasant drinking experience.
5. Encourages your pet to drink more water – Most water fountains create a circulation flow of water, and this action is appealing to pets and will encourage them to drink more. The Petacc Stainless Steel Pet Fountain is an excellent example of a fountain that has a river-like flow that attracts your pet’s attention.

Extra Tips on How to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Hydrated:

1. Always have water for your pet when you’re out of the house. Even for simple 30-minute walks around the park, it’s important for you to always have water on hand for yourself and your pet. Make sure to have water in the car as well when you’re running errands or on a road trip with your pet. Try the Petacc Collapsible Travelling Bowl for a convenient and simple way to provide water for your pet any time.

2. Limit physical activity and exposure to heat. This is especially important for the hot summer seasons. The daily physical activity your pet requires each day depends on their size, but overexposure to the sun or heat can cause dehydration faster. Having water available when you’re outside is necessary, but reducing physical activity can also help prevent dehydration. You can also engage in exercise with your pet during the cooler times of the day to keep them out of the heat.

3. Add more wet food to your pet’s diet. Wet food can help increase your pet’s daily water intake, so introduce more wet food in your pet’s diet. Try different brands to see which ones appeal to your pet’s tastes. If wet food doesn’t work, you can add a small amount of water with dry food to give your furry friend more water as they eat their food.

  • Mar 06, 2019
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