Why Do I Need a Cat Water Fountain?
This is the first question that needs to be answered first. Why do you need a cat water fountain at home? We have to go back to the very basics to respond to this question. You see, cats were not always a domestic animal. A long time ago, all cats were wild, and they used to live in jungles.

Obviously, they needed water to survive, and the only method to get water was from rivers, canals and from places where they found moving water. This is the reason why cats have that fondness for moving water in their DNA. They just love it when water circulates. It gives them a feeling that the water is fresh and drinkable.

Naturally, cats also drink water from bowls, but that's because they have to. It is fountains that make them enjoy the water. If that matters to you, you can go to a cat water fountain.

Obviously, there are other benefits too of having a water fountain at home. As most water fountains are self-cleaning, you do not have to worry about the water getting damaged with dust and what not which is very common. If you have cats at home, you know that it is tough to keep the water fresh in that water bowl. We all have tried different methods and failed.

So yes, there are basically two big reasons for getting one of the best cat water fountains that we are going to recommend! One is because your cat is going to love it and the other reason is to have fresh water all around the day without worrying much about replacement or cleaning.

Also, though it is not common cats also face diseases due to not having the required amount of water. Diseases like kidney failure, constipation, and urinary infection occur due to not taking a proper amount of water a day. That's a good reason.
  • Mar 14, 2019
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