Why Are Dachshunds So Popular

You may know them as Dachshunds, Sausage Dogs or Wiener Dogs, but I know them as the best dogs on Earth! Whether it’s because of their sense of humor, quirky personalities, their sassy waddle when they walk, or their Dumbo looking ears…you can’t help but fall in love with them.

In 2018, Miniature Dachshunds held a top 10 spot in both the Kennel Club UK and the American Kennel Club for the number of registrations that year. Stats have shown that this has been an increase of 80% over the last 5 years.


It appears everyone is going crazy for the lovable Dachshunds and anything Dachshund related. They seem to be popping up everywhere taking the internet by storm, gaining many adoring fans, on your favorite TV programs, in lots of films and on your favorite clothing brands. The amount of Dachshund related items that I own is hilarious, to say the least, anything from socks to bedding and a salt and pepper pot to a kitchen roll holder, you name it you can now get it featuring a Dachshund! 

As a proud owner of two smooth haired Dachshunds, I want to tell you why Dachshunds are such a wonderful breed of dog and that they are like Pringles, once you pop you cannot stop, you just want a whole pack of them!


As dog lovers, we all get excited to see any dog walk by, however, Dachshunds spread a special kind of joy that seems unique to them. When I am out walking my Dachshunds, people oncoming will often say “Oh my look at those sausage dogs” and stop me in my tracks to make a fuss of them. It seems that they bring out people’s inner happiness and they end up bursting out in the biggest smile. Children absolutely warm to them, I think it is due to their small size and long cuddly body, luckily my two laps up all the attention so more the merrier!


They come in three main varieties: smooth-haired, wire-haired, and long-haired, with smooth-haired dachshunds being the most popular. Each of the different varieties has their own personality traits. The smooth-haired are meant to be the most stubborn of the three and have the biggest “I will do what I want attitude.” The wire-haired is meant to be the most energetic of the three and the best hunters, and the long-haired is thought to be the quieter and sweetest of the three.

I have two smooth haired miniature Dachshunds and I can honestly say they love everyone and everything, they have a huge can-do attitude but will listen to me and they love going on adventures. They both have a huge heart and their favorite thing is belly rubs!


Once you have a Dachshund you will not be able to stop there, they are such a fun breed and so you will want to get a second. This is what happened to us. I have always grown up with Labradors and Spaniels, but I would never go back now that I have Dachshunds. They really recognize their own breed and when a group of them are together it pulls on your heart strings, wanting a pack of your very own sausages! I am already wanting another one, ooopps! My two Dachshunds love each other unconditionally and they are by each other’s side with everything they do.

  • Jul 04, 2019
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