This is A Really Nice Dog Jacket Waterproof Coats

I really like this pet jacket...I just want to note that the sizing is larger than anticipated. We have an 85lb, VERY tall, and healthy weight lab. Because of this, I ordered her the XXL size jacket. It is a bit too big. An XL would be great for this body size, and I would consider ordering along those lines for labs. This is truly a GREAT jacket...The inside lining is nice and soft flannel. The outer layer is definitely water resistant. No, it would not be great in a torrential downpour, but if you are like us and walk or go outside in the snow, this will definitely do the trick - even in a good snowstorm! The stitching is nice, and the velcro seems to be really good quality. I am pleased with this. It has been through the wash once already. No awkward shrinkage, or fabric issues. I LOVE this for our dog. Great jacket!

Thickened Fleece Lining

Keep your pretty dog warm and comfortable even in chilly days.
Reflective Stripe on the Back

Increase the visibility in the dark, reduce the possibility of accidental injury.
Widely Used
Suitable for medium and large-sided dogs, great for dressing your dog, make him more adorable and attractive.


Awesome quality! I am very happy with the fabric’s quality and the comfortable look my dog has when I put it on him. I like that it protects its fur and keeps him smelling clean after a walk in the rain, well more like the fine drizzle.

  • Jan 31, 2019
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