The Best Interactive Dog Toys

Choose durable and tough toys

You know better than anyone one that your dog will chew through many things with ease! Choose a toy that will last and you’ll both get more enjoyment from it and it will protect your dog from swallowing broken pieces of the toy.

Interactive toys are great for stimulating your dog’s intelligence

But they can also be great entertainment. Double bonus! It may take some trial and error to find a toy your dog loves, but there are lots of options. When you find a toy your dog loves, it’ll help keep them active and healthy.

Consider the age of your dog when buying an interactive toy

An older dog may be less willing to run around after a throwing toy (or even worse, they may continue to run around when they should be resting more). In contrast, a younger dog may benefit from a tough, chewable toy when they’re teething. And then there are other dogs who will take to every toy they are given!

Treat toys may be great, but…

You also need to consider what impact it might have on the eating (and subsequent pooping) habit of your dog. Treat toys are more attractive to dogs (why wouldn’t they be?), and our canine friends aren’t well known for their ability to say, “Nah I’ve had enough to eat”…

As a dog owner, we are responsible for encouraging good habits and behaviors from our dogs. Interactive treat toys can be part of that process, but be sure to monitor how much your dog is eating.

  • May 27, 2019
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