Safe, Secure and Comfortable Dog Harnesses Compared

It’s important to pick the best harness for your dog

Keeping your canine friend close by when you’re out and about is important, but you also need to be sure they are comfortable and safe. Picking the right harness will ensure your dog has a safe and secure walk with you, so you can both enjoy your time outdoors.

The size of your dog is important

Not all harnesses are suitable for every type of dog, so be sure to check with the supplier first before you buy. Most suppliers will provide size guides and give you instructions on how to properly measure your dog for the best-fitting harness.

Many dog owners opt for harnesses over collars

Dogs who tend to pull when on a lead, particularly younger or more energetic dogs, can strain too much and cause themselves an injury when using a regular collar.

But, when using a well-fitted harness, the pressure on them is better distributed which will be a much more comfortable experience for them and will reduce any pain on the shoulder and neck areas.

Harnesses are also great for training dogs – when straining on a collar, a dog will tend to pull more, but when using a harness you can train your dog to walk alongside you without pulling.

A harness might not always be the right choice for your dog

If you are going on long, all-day walks with your dog, some harnesses can become uncomfortable. Also, for some long-haired dogs, their hair may become tangled in the harness, causing them some distress.

That said, many dogs are happy to wear a good-fitting harness all day so don’t be afraid to try it and enjoy your walk.

Back-clip harnesses are often a good choice

But, for badly behaved dogs they can cause problems because they can give you less able to control them. Consider your dog’s behavior before selecting a harness to avoid causing discomfort to your canine friend.


  • May 23, 2019
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