Pet Fountain Cat Dog Water Dispenser Customer Q & A

Question: Is it easy to clean?

Answer: I find it very easy to clean. I just started using it or I should say my cat started using it and she loves it. She always insisted on me turning on the tub faucet and let trickle. I don’t see any issues on cleaning it.

Question: Why do I find some small black particles in my pet fountain?

Answer: That is probably the charcoal from the filter. Make sure before you put in a new filter to run it under water to remove any residual charcoal dust in the filter.

Question: Does it has a big noise?

Answer: We measure our pump sounds 30- 40 decibels carefully, After filling with water, almost no sound from the pump was heard.

Question: Does it fits for the large dog?

Answer: this cat water fountain is 2L, it is a large capacity, what is your dog weight, actually, it is suitable for small or large dog , but if your dog is large, we suggest you check the water every day, it must keep the water to be filled over the pump, then it is no big problem.

  • Feb 13, 2019
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