Looking For 2 in 1 Pet Bowl Anti-Spill Water Food Bowl for Dogs and Cats
The worst thing in the world for me and the funniest thing for my dog (and husband).... The hyper labradoodle slurping water from her bowl messily, dripping said water all over the floor as she runs to wherever I am, and sticking her cold very wet snout any place on me that would be most inconvenient at the time to have water. This has happened for years. My husband said half-heartedly "we need to find one of those water bowls that help with that." Supposedly he researched such things, but nothing was ever forthcoming.

Fast forward a few years. (Yes, I waited that long.) It's my turn to look. After extensive research, I decided to try this product. I figure dog and cat are smart enough to use it.

Happily for me, the carpet, and the cat, the dripping days are over. The dog slurps as hard as she can and runs over, but the drips are not enough to soak my pants or the carpet.

It's ridiculously easy to refill. We just keep a big pitcher on the counter and add a bit when necessary. If the bowl looks a little sketchy, it's ridiculously easy to take it apart and clean. We like easy at my house.
  • Jan 31, 2019
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