How To Teach Your Puppy Its Name
One of the most important things after getting a new puppy is to teach him his name. Teaching your puppy its name is the foundation of other training and forming the basis of his relationship with you as well. Using the name of your puppy positively and consistently helps your canine companion to know and understand when you expect him to do something. Teaching a puppy its name requires lots of patience and some good training treats as well as rawhide and calcium bones.

You can follow the below mentioned tips to teach your canine companion its name:

1) You should choose the right place and time for this training. Make sure that you and your puppy are in a quiet place that does not have distractions. Try to keep the sessions short as well.

2) Say the name of your puppy in a happy, high pitched tone. You should encourage the puppy to look at you so your voice tone is important.

3) You should give your puppy treats or rewards when he looks up at you. In the beginning, you should give a treat to your puppy for every glance up for his name and give plenty of praise as well.

4) Once your puppy is responding regularly, increase the distractions around you. You should start gradually and small increase the amount of distraction.

5) You should reward at different intervals for the puppy responding at his name and praise each time, but you should give a reward at random times. After this, gradually increase the number of responses between the treats.

6) Use the name of your puppy only in positive situations. You want the name of your puppy to be associated with only good things in his mind because it will make him more likely to respond when you say his name.
  • Apr 04, 2019
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