How to Choose the Perfect Dog Harness and Collar
We're so excited that summer is finally here because warmer weather means more walks and outside time with our pet pooches! Dogs love nothing more than spending a day out in the sun with their owners - it's a time to play and be free so they don't tear up the flower beds at home. But for those moments in between the endless frolicking in the flowers and dashing in between the sand dunes on the beach it's important to have the right collar, leash, and harness for your dog. Here's how you can choose the right one for your dog.

Choosing the right collar, harness and leash for your dog aren't just about making sure your pup stays out of trouble; the right walking tool is also super important for the way your dog walks and responds to you during walks. The right collar or harness also helps keep your dog's coat in tip-top condition so there's no chaffing and pulling around the neck or chest area.
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For example larger, more boisterous dogs (like Boxers or Alsatians) or naturally strong and muscular dogs (like Staffies) would benefit from being trained to wear a head harness like a gentle leader or snootloop. The harness will allow you to control your powerful pup with more ease on walks and will make the walk far less traumatic for both you and your dog as there will be less pulling and tugging at the leash. Whereas smaller, boisterous dogs would benefit from a front attaching harness like an easy walk harness, step-in harness, and a freedom harness as they still allow you to control your pup with ease and without the threat of choking. 

Harnesses are a great option for dog owners as the basic design of a harness includes a strap around your dog’s chest under his legs and one around the front, below his neck. Most harnesses either have a ring on the top side or in the front at the chest to clip a leash to.
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If your pet pooch is more relaxed and is able to walk comfortably in a leash and collar then it is still important to choose the right collar for your dog. Of course, every dog should wear a standard buckle-style collar with an ID tag at most times. If your dog is well trained, pays attention, follows commands and doesn't have a pulling problem, then your dog should be fine to walk on one of these collars. Just make sure your dog can't slip out of the collar while walking - if you're concerned a harness might be better!

Luckily no matter what you choose, harness or collar Dog’s Life has got you covered! We've just introduced a new range of harnesses in various designs and colors for your pet to enjoy and we're always expanding our range of collars.
  • Mar 13, 2019
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